Activities in Tansen

There are many activities and things to do in Tansen all of which are within easy reach of Raksha Christian Guest house.

Tansen Bus Park is a short 10-15 minute walk away so you have easy access to nearby areas.

Tansen has very good greenery cap (pine trees) on the top of city which is very good for walking.

Tourist and trekking Guide
With reasonable charge we offer tourist and trekking guide as well.

Nepali Language online course
We also offer Nepali language course online, Nepali conversation classes can also available over Skype (Skpye ID:rayamaji3)

Tourist Sites
Whitelake View
Sybolic Gate (Muldhoka)
Budhha Stupa

Sites of Religious Interest
Ranaujeshwori Temple, Bhagawati Tole
Bhairav Temple, Bhairavsthan
Ganesh temple, Bhagawati Tole
Santi Bihar, Taksar Tole